Money Transfers To Sierra Leone, Gambia, Ghana and Guinee

We are a specialist money transfer company, providing the best service to customers wishing to send money back home to family and friends. Lowest commission rates and the best exchange rates available on the market.


We are registered in England (Company Reg No 5275139 ) and registered with HM Customs and Excise ( MSB no 12222648 ) and SPI Registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA no 577170) as a money service business ensuring all transactions are safe and guaranteed.

Due to money laundering laws we are required to ask for Identification verification for any amount sent. As we are telephone based and do not see customers face to face HM Customs and Excise have made it compulsory for us to have Identifications of sending customers on our records. Please email or post us a clear photocopy of a Photo ID (Passport or Driving Licence only)and a Proof of address utility bill etc, before transacting any amounts. All Identifications are kept safe and secure and we are bound by the DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 and new GDPR to keep all records confidential. Data protection registration no.Z2392177.


If you are paying any amount above GBP800 please call us to confirm commission and to verify we have your complete details before doing the transaction.

We provide an unparalleled service for our customers.


The process is simple:


Once Identification is received and verified,use the calculator to calculate Amount and Transfer Fee and Pay into our Business Account online or telephone banking with "Your Full Name as on your ID" as reference and call or email us with the details of the transfer and you will be issued with a reference number for the recipient to collect amount transfered.

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